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Greg Smart of Roof Smart Pro – Get to Know Us

Roof Smart Pro President, Greg Smart, is a seasoned expert in the roofing business, with fifteen years of successful roofing experience. Greg is committed to providing customers with reliable insurance inspections, trusted re-roofing and repair services while supporting the local community in which he lives and works.

The Early Years

Greg Smart’s roofing career started in Ohio in 2007 where he began training in handling storm restoration claims. As luck would have it, that training put him in a perfect position when he experienced his first major storm event the following year in 2008, and giving him his first real large loss experience. It put his feet to the fire in not only handling complex claims, but in understanding face-to-face what customers were experiencing dealing with such large losses. This appreciation regarding the customers needs was a lesson that he continues to prioritize to this day.

During the next several years, he worked in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana markets sharpening his skills learning in all aspects of the roofing construction business, inspection, and the hiring and training of roofing representatives. Greg eventually was asked to go work in the New Mexico market which proved to be a completely different experience — working with many different roofing scenarios involving storm related damage. Most roofs in this part of the country are flat and require a whole different skill set, furthering Greg’s overall knowledge of roofs.

After New Mexico, Greg moved on to the Texas market in San Antonio to work yet another hailstorm. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and he experienced that first hand — inspecting softball size hail damage, and challenging him to expand his familiarity into overall damage assessment documentation including many other things other areas beyond the roof and siding. That experience proved to be useful later on when he was invited to the South Florida market shortly after major Hurricane Irma to help with consulting, training, and sales.

Serving the Local Community

After a few years of helping South Florida customers, he made the decision to take all the knowledge and experience he had accumulated back home to Ohio, where he began the Roof Smart business along with his wife and long-time friend. For nearly half a decade they have continued to build and grow our operation with a customer-first perspective and a goal of perfecting and innovating better quality roofs.

Greg’s unwavering commitment shows in the way he serves customers with quality workmanship, quality products and an overall experience he hopes will earn trust for years to come.

If you are considering a new roof, give Roof Smart Pro a call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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