Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing FAQ

What areas do you service?

Roof Smart Pro's location in south west Ohio enables us to serve a local area covering Southwest Ohio, North Kentucky and Southeast Indiana – all with the local accountability and resources to build, service and stand behind the product we sell. Our shingle product is sourced locally for fast availability on most products.

Does Roof Smart Pro offer any options for financing?

Yes we do. If you are considering a new roof, or repairs on your roof, consider some great financing options available through Roof Smart Pro. We have options for a reduced APR of just 5.99% for 144 months, or even a 0% financing option for 6 months. Click the link below to learn more.

Apply Now for a Reduced Rate of 0% for 6 Months and a reduced APR of 5.99% for 144 Months!

I am getting my roof replaced this week. Will you need to put a dumpster in my yard?

One of the great things about our company is that all of service trucks are fitted with debris haulers. This means when we leave each day we take the mess with us.

What should I do to prepare for a roof replacement or repair?

There is not much you need to do. Upon arrival our crew will remove patio/outside furniture and tarp the area to protect vegetation, landscaping, and/or patio surfaces. The only thing I would suggest as a precaution is that interior/exterior fragile wall hangings and collectibles be removed from the wall prior to the start or your roof replacement / repair.

What do I need to do during the roofing project?

As with any construction project, please be cautious when walking through the area. While we make every effort to keep the area clean, it is possible to have small materials that could be stepped on.

Do I need to get a permit for a roof repair / replacement?

It depends upon your location. Sometimes you don’t and other times you do. Normally the process takes just a few days however, after a storm or fire the process can slow down. At this time we are experiencing delays of about 2 weeks. Our Representative will step you through the process and guide you every step of the way.

How long does the re-roofing process take?

Right now it takes about 4-6 weeks from signed contract to completion. That of course is contingent on the permitting process and the responsiveness or your insurance company.

What if my insurance claim for the damage to my roof is denied?

First and foremost all our contracts are written based upon insurance approval. While we are not adjusters, we are experts in working with you to provide you with the right information to get you fast and fair results. From state regulations to local codes to insurance estimates we have a years of experience navigating the roofing process to help get you the most from your roof repair / replacement. We use the most up to date industry tools which allow us to clearly document the precise measurements and details of your roof’s damage. This helps to show the insurance adjuster why we recommend the repairs / replacement process that we do and assist in moving along the roof portion of claim.